Today my mom posted this letter on the Disqus comments section of my blog. Since absolutely no one here will ever see it, I decided to post it here..

"So my new name is Grammy Pammy and I am the mother of a son who is exploiting his beautiful little baby girl on Facebook, Tanner Blog and this DISQUS.  Appaently I never taught him never to talk to strangers.   Ha!  At first I thought it said DISGUST.     Whatever, she is a real cutie, we are blessed to have Emi in our family.  

So good to see familiar names on this blog, I will not hang myself today — I am glad you’re still  here.    John C — you always made me laugh, lavie-blem, were you the one who had a MUM?   Can’t remember.     So happy you all have remained friends across the miles.

Oh, Happy Day……………………

Grammy Pammy, a.k.a.  My Mom Reviews My Photos

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  1. amchphotography said: This!!! :D Pam is the best!
  2. laviebelem said: Haha a shout-out from Grammy Pammy! I’m touched!
  3. iwillnothangmyselftoday said: Yay Pam! I am only about half a step away from attempting to make a Pam Fan T-shirt…
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