This is the first photo ever taken of the two of us together. I was working at our college’s “film cage” at the time and Vicki had come in to pick up her Bolex 16mm camera. I believe our friend Gage took this photo. Behind us you can see the sign-up sheets for the various film and video equipment. Vicki’s name is somewhere on that wall.

This is embarrassing to admit but I’m not sure if we were going out yet or not when this photo was taken. However, I do know that I framed this photo and gave it to Vicki for her birthday later that year when we were together. We still have it today, the frame is a replica of a clapboard used in films. 

Little known fact: When Vicki started to “like” me she asked me to be in one of her films. Of course I obliged as I had been obsessed with her pig-tails for quite some time. My role was “The Drug Dealer”. I believe tic-tacs in a plastic baggie were my “product”. As Vicki was shooting my scene I remember wearing my bright blue Sports Authority T-Shirt and thinking “wow, this is not believable at all, I hope Vicki doesn’t fail”. 

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