As I mentioned in an earlier post, Kochi Castle was basically a freezing popsicle stand in the form of a castle. As I was hopping around in my frozen tube socks attempting to avoid a sure case of hypothermia, Vicki somehow mustered up the nerve to ask me to let her borrow my cozy winter cap. Obviously I responded with a firm “Hell no woman, get your own damn cozy winter cap!”. She quickly retaliated with her own version of the sad panda face and my heart immediately melted. During this fleeting moment of warmth I was bamboozled into giving up my cozy winter cap. Damn you Vicki and your “sad panda face” trickery!

Also, I do indeed realize that this shot is a bit crooked, likely due to my frost bitten fingers. I guess I could fix it in post but who has time for that when you have to write a stupid story about every single picture you post.

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