Literally every single person at the Kochi fish market looked like a character from the most incredible film ever. Part of me thinks it wasn’t a market at all but rather some sort of movie set and I just never picked up on it.

If I hired a “science guy” to create a device called an “interesting meter” I’m pretty sure the good folks of Kochi would blow up the machine. Comparatively, most folks near where I live in Brooklyn (such as myself) wouldn’t even make the needle move (assuming the “interesting meter” operates via an analog needle as opposed to a more modern digital readout).

Finally, what the hell am I talking about and what is wrong with me? I have a hot wife somewhere in this apartment and I’m sitting at a computer writing about “interesting meters” that probably would never really work seeing as “interestingness” is a rather objective quality. I just can’t see a robot quantifying something like that.

So now I’m stuck with two options…

1. I can go watch Cupcake Wars with my hot wife (speaking of interesting, check out Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, it’s surprisingly awesome)


2. Look for a “Science Guy” on Craigslist


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