I figured since I’ve been posting a bit about my film school experience lately I’d just keep the ball rolling for this week’s edition of “Flashback Friday”. The polaroid you see here was taken during the creation of a film I made during my junior year called Method for Self-Defense Against Scorpions.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes photograph you can see my main man Geoff sitting before a microphone and smiling like the happy man that he is. You probably assume that he’s doing a voiceover of some sort. In reality this is not the case, what he’s actually doing is chewing on Peanut Butter M&M’s in an effort to create the nice crunchy sound of a violent scorpion being devoured. Once the M&M’s were gone we spent the rest of the evening stomping on eggs and throwing cantaloupes. It was quite messy but worth it as the sound effects turned out to be pretty damn good in Method for Self-Defense Against Scorpions.

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