So yesterday I got myself a moleskine notebook for several pathetic reasons…

1. I want to start each and every day by writing down a list of goals that I’ll never reach. Not now, not never.

2. I want to start writing down ideas for film projects that’ll absolutely never see the light of day. Not today, not tomorrow, not infinity.

3. I want to write down lyrics and jokes for my comedy album that will never happen because the sun will explode first.

4. I’d like to try to draw something every day. Unfortunately for you guys this one might actually happen.

Anyway, if you examine my pathetic list you’ll see that I conquered three of my eight goals today!!! Sadly they were the easiest three conquer, but I reckon a false sense of accomplishment is better than no sense of accomplishment. And to be honest, I’m actually pretty happy with how Biff and Lorraine turned out. Biff’s beard is looking strong, and I rather dig Lorraine’s haircut and mouth.

Finally, this “Daily Journal Thing” might become a regular thing, I dunna know. Feel free to unfollow this blog if you originally followed me because you thought all I did was post photos. Seriously, it’s cool, no hard feelings. I wouldn’t follow me if I was me, that’s for sure.

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  1. iwillnothangmyselftoday said: I, for one, hope number 4 DOES happen. :D
  2. mojayphotos said: Honestly, why would anyone unfollow you? Your posts are hilarious and always pick my mood up by at least a peg.
  3. apisdorsata said: You’re awesome and this list is a swell idea. I might take up the habit as well.
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  5. kumako365jp said: Being Japanese, I must ask you this question now. “WHTA’S YOUR BLOOD TYPE?” You never belong to A, at least. You are darn so creative<3
  6. laviebelem said: High-five for accomplishing 3! Isn’t it totally satisfying applying that check mark? (My exercise box, more often than not, tends to be left unchecked too. Womp Womp.)
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