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Hi, I'm Tanner. I like cloudy days and fish tanks. I have a wife and a kid. I like them as well.
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If you’re like me, you’ve probably been slacking off watching Cupcake Wars in your underpants for the past three months and suddenly just realized that you don’t have a Halloween Costume!!! 

If that’s the case, here’s a few creepy ideas that will scare the pants off of everyone you know, assuming, of course, that everyone you know still wears pants. If everyone you know is like me and just says no to pants, you should probably start meeting some new people. 


So today is my sister Rian’s birthday, and as such I took it upon myself to make my first ever GIF, because, after all, nothing else puts the GIF in GIFT like a GIF!!!

Anyway, my mom took this picture of me and my sister chillin’ on the doorstep of our Wyoming rancher in probably 1983 or 84. We were probably waiting for a lonely tumbleweed to roll by so that we could chase it, as not much else was going on in Wyoming in the early 80s.  

Anyway, happy birthday sis! I sure hope this gif works on your computer.


Look closely… she’s hiding something. Could it be a mogwai? I hope so.

For any Gremlins enthusiasts out there, here’s a question that has always bothered me…

I know that the most important rule for “keeping” a mogwai is “Don’t ever feed him after midnight”. My question is, at what point after midnight can you feed a mogwai? I assume there must be a specific time, is it noon? It’s very confusing because midnight is the beginning of the day so everything that follows would technically be considered “after midnight”? Do you see what I’m saying.

I’m only asking because in my dream world I’d like to eat pancakes for breakfast with my mogwai. Unfortunately I prefer my pancakes at around 8am on Sundays. Would this be possible, or would I have to eat pancakes for dinner? I’d obviously make the sacrifice to prevent a “gremlin situation” from happening, but damn, pancakes are sooooo good in the morning.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


A few days back I posted another photo of this amazing man along with a quiz question asking which 80’s comedic actor he resembled. I had an overwhelming two participants which I’m pretty sure means that my blog briefly went viral. Anyway, congratulations to John Carleton and Drew Shannon, you both answered correctly, the correct answer was indeed John Candy! As you two read this imagine me throwing some popcorn in the air and Vicki yelling “Yay”, because unfortunately that’s the only prize you guys will be getting. I was going to give the winner a nice gift certificate to Applebee’s but since you guys tied I decided to just throw it in the trash. 

Anyway, everyone should follow John and Drew now as they are two cool guys who are not afraid to answer the tough questions.