I’m sorry for yet another post, I realize my Tumblr is getting out of hand. You’re mom’s probably like “Why’s Tanner all up on your dashboards 24/7??? Doesn’t he have to make coffee for Baby Cannonball? I hear that girl drinks coffee. What’s his deal?”. Anyway, you’re mom’s right, I gotta go buy some Folgers.

That being said, my friend Carl helped me design a sweet helmet rig that allows me to attach my Canon 5D Mark II to the front of a motorcycle helmet, so I can get some really swell POV shots. Special thanks to Bunko and Baby Cannonball for keepin’ the dream alive.

Poor Bunko, she never learned how to catch.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of working all day shooting hip hop dance videos with the super talented and super fun Seabreeze, which inspired Vicki and myself to get Emi going on a daily hip hop dance regimen. Her first lesson went pretty well, although she wasn’t to thrilled with the “Thunder Clap”. Her “Raise the Roof, Paint the Ceiling” Combo, however, is fresh like a clean pair of socks!