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Hi, I'm Tanner. I like cloudy days and fish tanks. I have a wife and a kid. I like them as well.
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No, they’re not mogwais, but still, pretty damn cute. My only gripe is that I wish the one in yellow was wearing blue so they could be named Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

Also, thank you everyone for your brilliant replies to my previous post where I asked the following question…

"At what point after midnight does it become safe to feed a mogwai?"

Although I received several different ideas and suggestions, they all seem to suggest that an 8am pancake breakfast with a mogwai would be safe. What a relief! Thank you!


Look closely… she’s hiding something. Could it be a mogwai? I hope so.

For any Gremlins enthusiasts out there, here’s a question that has always bothered me…

I know that the most important rule for “keeping” a mogwai is “Don’t ever feed him after midnight”. My question is, at what point after midnight can you feed a mogwai? I assume there must be a specific time, is it noon? It’s very confusing because midnight is the beginning of the day so everything that follows would technically be considered “after midnight”? Do you see what I’m saying.

I’m only asking because in my dream world I’d like to eat pancakes for breakfast with my mogwai. Unfortunately I prefer my pancakes at around 8am on Sundays. Would this be possible, or would I have to eat pancakes for dinner? I’d obviously make the sacrifice to prevent a “gremlin situation” from happening, but damn, pancakes are sooooo good in the morning.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


He’s not looking for lobsters, he’s looking for a Mogwai.

Unfortunately if he does find a Mogwai it’s obviously going to be wet. If you don’t know why that’s a very bad thing than I hope for your sake that your dad never gives you a Mogwai.