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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that my posts are sometimes just a bit, shall we say, embellished. That being said, I assure you that everything I’m about to write about Anpanman is 100 percent empirical truth, look it up on Google if you don’t believe me. Here it goes…

As many of you know, a few months back Vicki and I visited Japan. Part of our trip involved visiting Vicki’s Grandma in a wonderful part of Japan known as Kochi. What I found most interesting about Kochi is that everywhere I looked I’d see images of a jolly little super hero with a big round head. Literally, he was everywhere, I saw him on billboards, pencil cases, mugs, frisbees, and sidewalks (yes, he was engraved into several sidewalks). Obviously I had to get to the bottom of just who exactly this chubby little caped crusader was. Here’s the scoop…

He goes by the name of “Anpanman”. In the picture above he is the happy little marching guy on the far right. He was created in Kochi by Takashi Yanase, and as of 2005 he was the most popular fictional character in Japan amongst 0 to 12 year olds. Long story short, he and his friends were created by some guy named Uncle Jam and they spend their time fighting crime in and around Uncle Jam’s house. But what I found most interesting was the story of Anpanman himself…

Anpanman’s big round head consists a pastry bun filled with “bean jam”. He has never been seen eating or drinking, and thus it is assumed that the bean jam in his head provides him will all the sustenance that he needs. His kryptonite is water or anything that makes his head dirty (I find this quite fascinating as his weaknesses seem to contradict one another).

If he gets too wet or too dirty he is only able to regain strength when Uncle Jam bakes him a new head. Once a new head is created, Anpanman’s old head literally pops off his shoulders and “X’s” appear on the eyes. He was allegedly created when a shooting star landed in Uncle Jam’s oven while he was baking buns. Finally, Anpanman is a true hero because he let’s poor and hungry creatures feed on parts of his head.

Oh, I almost forgot, he has two special attacks, an “An-punch” and an “An-kick”. Actually, it’s four special attacks if you count the stronger variants of each. 

Anyway, I realize that I’m just scratching the surface of all things Anpanman, but it’s a start. Once I order the Anpanman Criterion DVD collection I’ll be sure to post my review here.

Finally, there is a bit of photoshop trickery going on in this photo. It’s pretty seamless so good luck figuring it out.