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Hi, I'm Tanner. I like cloudy days and fish tanks. I have a wife and a kid. I like them as well.
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Bunko and Baby Winks exit their top secret bamboo garden. The top secret password to enter their top secret bamboo garden is “I like your bass, your beat is nice, hell yes”.


Today my mom posted this letter on the Disqus comments section of my blog. Since absolutely no one here will ever see it, I decided to post it here..

"So my new name is Grammy Pammy and I am the mother of a son who is exploiting his beautiful little baby girl on Facebook, Tanner Blog and this DISQUS.  Appaently I never taught him never to talk to strangers.   Ha!  At first I thought it said DISGUST.     Whatever, she is a real cutie, we are blessed to have Emi in our family.  

So good to see familiar names on this blog, I will not hang myself today — I am glad you’re still  here.    John C — you always made me laugh, lavie-blem, were you the one who had a MUM?   Can’t remember.     So happy you all have remained friends across the miles.

Oh, Happy Day……………………

Grammy Pammy, a.k.a.  My Mom Reviews My Photos


Me: Hey mom, what’s with the bike?

My Mom: I’m gonna teach Baby Bunko* to pop wheelies and what nots.

Me: Does dad know about this?

My Mom: He’s out back building my ramp as we speak.

Me: You should get a helmet.

My Mom: My fist is my helmet.

*name pending


I think this picture of my mom and Toby, her dog/cat hybrid, probably explains a lot about why I am the way I am.

Keep on being awesome Pammy!


a) the most amazing hula hooper on the planet.

b) the worst hula hooper in the world.

c) an average hula hooper.

Answer: All I know is it’s definitely not “c”. 

My mom on a moped, circa 2002.

Can your mom tame a moped? I doubt it. It’s all good though, she still knew how to make a baby, which I’d imagine is way harder than learning how to ride a moped.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies who make babies!


Look closely… she’s hiding something. Could it be a mogwai? I hope so.

For any Gremlins enthusiasts out there, here’s a question that has always bothered me…

I know that the most important rule for “keeping” a mogwai is “Don’t ever feed him after midnight”. My question is, at what point after midnight can you feed a mogwai? I assume there must be a specific time, is it noon? It’s very confusing because midnight is the beginning of the day so everything that follows would technically be considered “after midnight”? Do you see what I’m saying.

I’m only asking because in my dream world I’d like to eat pancakes for breakfast with my mogwai. Unfortunately I prefer my pancakes at around 8am on Sundays. Would this be possible, or would I have to eat pancakes for dinner? I’d obviously make the sacrifice to prevent a “gremlin situation” from happening, but damn, pancakes are sooooo good in the morning.

Any advice would be much appreciated.