When Mad Max was arrested for rollerblading naked in the Tina Turner’s Thunder Dome, a pissed off Baby Cannonball swung into action (literally). First, she squeezed her cannonball shaped body into her hyperbolic neoprene jump suit. Next, she shoved her cannonball shaped head into her hermetically sealed bunny helmet. After this, she took a nap.

When she woke up she downed a cup of black coffee and headed out to her green space pod to travel back in time to punch Mad Max in the face for wearing rollerblades.


If you’re looking for some easy peasy pranks to pull on Mischief Night, check out this how-to video brought to you by the two most adorable troublemakers in the whole wide world.

For those of you new to the game, click HERE to see the origin of all things furball.


Nothing funny, clever, ironic, or witty about this one. Just my awesome wife, Vicki, demonstrating how to build and tame a “Jet Fire” Glider. Ameila Earhart would be proud. 

Actually, the ending is kind of funny because the Glider clearly crashes.

My favorite part is when she talks about “the canopy, with the little pilot inside”.

Finally, I’m not sure if I mentioned this here before, but the reason I married Vicki had nothing to do with her pretty elbows or yummy earlobes, it was all about her insane glider making skills.


Several years ago Vicki and I drove out to the Mojave desert and shot a short film called Soda Pop Cough Drop. Vicki played Soda Pop, and I played Cough Drop. The basic premise was as follows…

Soda Pop and Cough Drop are alone in the desert working on a routine goldfish rescue operation. 

Cough Drop botches the routine goldfish rescue operation. He blames his epic failure on the water, which he claims “teems with sharks”.

As they nap in their tent during a routine napping operation, Cough Drop has a bad dream about a “half man half shark” creature eating poor innocent goldfish. He can’t sleep so he leaves the tent to fly his goldfish kite.

Cough Drop is abducted by a flying hammerhead shark. As he’s being abducted he lets Soda Pop know via walkie talkie.

Soda Pop spends the rest of the movie trying to rescue Cough Drop from the flying hammerhead shark. 

That’s pretty much it. It was a rather terrible filmmaking experience for several reasons…

1. We didn’t have a location planned beforehand, so most of the day was spent looking for a place to shoot.

2. It was a million degrees out.

3. We had no food.

4. We saw a giant snake and that freaked us out the hell out, as we were literally in the middle of nowhere and had zero anti-venom on hand. Had it a) been poisonous and b) bitten us, we probably would have died that day and our bodies would still be out there.

5. In addition to playing every character in the film, Vicki and I also shot the entire thing ourselves, which is not so easy when you’re hot, haven’t eaten, and are fighting a sun that’s setting fast. The possibility of being killed by a wild animal didn’t help much either. 

Anyway, I guess that’s about it. Here’s a few behind-the-scenes polaroids of me being abducted by the flying hammerhead shark…





The worst thing about this video is…

a) My pathetic After Effects skills

b) My pathetic vocal skills

c) My pathetic casio keyboard skills

d) All three skills (which in reality are not skills at all, but rather failures) are equally pathetic

I’m gonna go with “c”, although “b” is a close second.

Anyway, long story short I’m currently trying to learn the motion graphics program Adobe After Effects. I’m following along with a great book, Creating Motion Graphics With After Effects, by Trish and Chris Meyer.

At the end of each chapter I plan on making a short silly video to make sure that I really learned what I had read (as opposed to just being a tutorial robot). This is the first of those videos, based on chapter 3 of the book. 

I’m still not sure what provoked me to add the improvised sing along voice over, but I think it will likely be a staple of all future videos in this rather lackluster, and probably unnecessary, series. 


A few weeks ago for “Flashback Friday” I posted a polaroid of my main man Geoff chewing on M&M’s in an effort to create sound effects for my short film, Method For Self-Defense Agains Scorpions. Anyway, last night I dug up a poorly digitized version of the film and figured I’d post it here. It’s around 14 minutes long which probably means that none of you will ever watch it, but I figured what the hell, maybe someone will watch the first minute or so.

For me the highlight of the film is my Uncle Pat, who has a cameo as a grief stricken husband whose wife (played by my mom, obviously) was tragically killed by a scorpion. I love the moment when he awkwardly places his elbow on my friend Kevin and slowly delivers this gem of a line… “she was stung three times in each eye”.

Anyway, the film is based on a short story by the brilliant Argentinean writer Fernando Sorrentino. I remember sitting down and actually writing a letter to him asking if it was okay to make a film about his story. And I remember getting a very nice hand written letter back saying yes. I feel bad for you kids these days who may never know the feeling of getting a real hand-written letter from someone in a foreign land, it was so exciting. My mom actually has the envelope Mr. Sorrentino sent me framed and hanging on her wall, as she was quite fond of the Argentinean stationary.

Anyway, if you have a few minutes please give this film a shot, not so much for my film but to simply hear one of Mr. Sorrentino’s brilliant imaginative tales. It really is quite an amazing story.


A few days ago I posted a polaroid of Hans & Andre for my “Flashback Friday” post. I mentioned that the polaroid was taken on the set of a frisbee shopping cart adventure film starring Hans and Andre. Well, I found the film and here it is.

After watching this for the first time in probably seven years today here are my thoughts…

1. I was into two very different types of music at the time.

2. I’m not sure what was going on with my hair. 

3. I can’t believe I wore that shirt. I love bowling and always have.

4. I used to be in much better shape than I am now. If I were to try any of those stunts today my old man knees would let me have it.


I know I’ve posted this here before but I figured I’d post it one last time seeing as it is filled with several Christmassy things, including, but not limited to…

a. A Reindeer Mug

b. Vintage Christmas Lawn Ornaments

c. A Christmas Tree

and most importantly…

d. My Dad playing a disgruntled mall Santa

Enjoy the video and have an awesome holiday and a very happy new year!

Over and out!