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Hi, I'm Tanner. I like cloudy days and fish tanks. I have a wife and a kid. I like them as well.
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Howdy party people! How the hell are ya? 

Sorry for not posting in forever, it’s just that last year I had a kid, moved to Maryland, started a new job, broke my favorite bowl, blah blah blah. Long story short, as rad a Tumblr is, I just didn’t have enough time to tumble as I spent most of 2012 dragging Baby Cannonball (my daughter) to various Bed Bath and Beyonds looking for a decent bowl to represent my Monday Morning Apple Jacks.

Anyway, the photo above is a polaroid of me holding a polaroid taken in, I want to say, Nashville, in 2003, maybe. I don’t know, it could also be St. Louis in 2002, or Cincinnati in 2004. Either way, a big goal for me in 2013 is to once again be able to fit into that sweet Wyoming T Shirt (which probably means no more damn Apple Jacks).

I guess that’s about it. Hopefully I’ll post here again before 2014.